What is leadership and How Appropriate are you as a Leader

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What is leadership and How Appropriate are you as a Leader

Leadership in simple terms is a process of guiding and helping out a individual, or the team members of the organization in every business activity that they are doing. The leader is not the boss of the team but is a person who carries out the mission and the goals of the organization.

Process of leadership

The entire process of leadership begins with the way the leaders create an environment around them. And how appropriate are they as leaders depends on the judgements they make and the activities they are involved in. Leadership is said to ethical only when it is effective, efficient, and exellent not being wasted on the human potential. And to be effective, efficient and excellent it is very necessary that the four important tools related to ethical leadership is understood and applied well.

Four Important Tools

The four important tools here are: purpose, knowledge, authority, and the last but not the least building the trust of the team members or individuals you are working with. Hence it is believed and said that leadership is not something that puts greatness in the individual. But showing the greatness that is there already in them as a individual. Leadership is a quality that is developed when you feel the necessity for it. No person or individual born on the earth will get the qualities of leadership immediately after they are born.

Leader of a Team and Organization

Being the leader of a team and organization, you must ensure that the authority that is being granted to you, will be used only for the purpose of the organization, and recognizing the needs and requirements of the organization to gain effective results. Leadership works well only when you as a team leader share and keep the ideas open so that you could reach and accomplish the goals of the organization. The leader being an important member of the organization can set the tone of the team members helping them perform better in all the business activities that they are doing. John Guardner once Said that the society which scorns excellence in plumbing is a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.” We all admire and respect people who have a good capacity and knowledge even if they have a small business, or are precision craftsmen or CEOs of a organization.

For the leaders and his activity to take place in the organization the concept of having a good capacity or competence is very very important. It is because of the level of competence you can determine and know if your followers who are following you are respecting you or not.

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Atricle: What is leadership and How Appropriate are you as a Leader
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What is leadership and How Appropriate are you as a Leader

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