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Leadership A Example

Leadership is a very broad and huge kind of a subject that cannot be discussed with words and sentences. Leadership is an art where many ideas, thoughts and concepts, frameworks are put together. Leadership today is considered as a process that takes place with or without learning anything. A natural kind of a process where your your followers keep growing and tend to be like you. It is something that can be easily explained but cannot be put into practice. And in order to practice it, it is very important that you have an understanding towards it. In other words you need to look at your self and your capabilities so that you can know where is that you need to develop your self and where you need to avoid. it is the human tendency to know , understand and work as a leader. Leaders bring in the changes and inspire the others in the organization to follow them. The characters and the features of your own personality also play a very important role when it comes to leadership.

Leadership here can be visualized with an example.

Leadership here can be visualized with an example. Imagine your self walking down the road. You come to a fork and you decide to take a left. With the fact that you are the leader of the group, it is general that your followers are following you . The left Fork here represents you giving 100% to he work that your do, the decisions and the actions that you are taking and the effort that you put for performing your tasks well. For example if you are a leader who tends to be on time during the meetings, you will find that you are bound with a group of people who are excellent and are on time for the meetings. On the other hand if you are always late for the meetings in your organization, then even the ones who are following you begin to think that its okay if we are late for the meeting..and as usual you begin to see them coming late for every meeting that is held at the organization..This in turn would lead towards a great implications on the whole idea of the organization.

Everything that you do rises and falls on leadership.

Everything that you do rises and falls on leadership. Leaders can lead the team and the organization only when they provide a proper direction for the others to follow. Hence it is believed and said that leadership is achieved while staying humble, as when the leaders stay humble , they remain humble in their life, work and remain as the lasting leaders well beyond their time and direct role to influence. Leaders drive change and they inspire others to follow them by challenging new things and persisting through it to a point of success. That willingness to take risks is a critical aspect of leadership to explore.

Article: Leadership A Example
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Leadership A Example


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