Managed Dedicated Hosting

Managed Dedicated Hosting -

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a particular type of hosting plan that comes with a more hefty rate, but can also prove to be a better fit for your particular situation. Dedicated hosting can be best described as having complete control over a server that you share with no one else. The box is used completely for your benefit, and you benefit from all of the resources on the server. However, you might question whether dedicated hosting is a good fit for you. In this case, consider the following aspects.

Heard of dedicated hosting…

If you’ve heard of dedicated hosting, there’s a good chance you’ve also heard of shared hosting. Shared hosting is a certain type of hosting plan where instead of having complete control of your server, you share it with other subscribers. Not only are you sharing space, but you’re also sharing resources and bandwidth. For larger websites with bigger audiences and files, this could prove to be an ineffective plan. Sharing a server with other subscribers is a lot like living in an apartment building. It’s more affordable, but you’re also sharing with others. If your website receives too much traffic, this could be problematic for other tenants. If another website on the same server receives too much traffic, this could be problematic for your website as well.

Clients and Dedicated Hosting…

Clients that use dedicated hosting will often tell you that it is one of the most advantageous plans, even though it comes with a more hefty price tag. Some people that use dedicated hosting to manage their own box outside of allowing a hosting company to take care of everything. Some of these people will even host others on their own server for profit, or to offset the cost. The pros of hosting others consist of making extra money from your clients, but the cons consist of more than likely having to regularly manage and analyze these accounts. If you’re hosting your own site on your dedicated server with others, the other websites could also prove to crowd your own.

A dedicated server can also have many purposes. For example, a server owner might use their dedicated server for hosting/serving games (Minecraft, World of Warcraft private server, Call of Duty, etc), sharing/storing media, and more. Dedicated servers are definitely more geared for storing large amounts of data that users will want to access remotely or via the internet. Dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for large websites, file storage, or game hosting.

Those that own dedicated servers…

Many people that own dedicated servers will also be sure to tell you that they have in turn, become more savvy with working on and tweaking their dedicated server. Likewise, a dedicated server is one of the most secure solutions for web hosting clients; virtually all settings are specified by the client. If the user actually owns the box, this adds an even thicker layer of security if he/she knows what they’re doing.

Dedicated servers are great solutions for people who want complete control over their web hosting plan. If you’ve ever wanted to do any of the things described here that are commonly used with dedicated hosting, it’s a very good sign that you need this type of hosting plan.

Article: Managed Dedicated Hosting
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